How to run a subscription business

The definitive guide by Michiel Sikkes, Head of Subscriptions at Firmhouse

About the book

Why should I buy the book?

The book will teach you everything there is to know about setting up and running a subscription business. From marketing and consumer signup flow, to logistics, to implementing customer care processes.

Ultimately, after reading the book, you know what you need to do in your company to launch a subscription model for your products. Alternatively, you can use the book as a reference for building out or optimizing your already running subscription business. 

Chapters in the book

  • Intro: Where and when to apply this book?
  • Overview of all processes of a subscription business
  • Sign up and customer flow
  • Subscriptions: billing, returns, cancellations, purchases 
  • Customer care cases to handle (currently in progress)
  • Logistics: shipments and returns
  • Finances: monthly reporting and depreciation
  • Metrics: when is your model working

This is a work in progress

This book is an active work written by Michiel Sikkes - Head of Subscriptions at Firmhouse. My team has been helping companies experiment with and launch their subscription businesses. I'm packing all the experience with that into this single book.

The book is not finished yet, and will ultimately be priced €60 or above. However, if you buy the book today for €2.99 you'll receive a digital version of the book when it's done AND you get to ask me any question you have today about starting a subscription business. I'll be using these questions to prioritize the first content of writing the book.

So, I pay you €2.99 and can ask you anything?

Yep, definitely! I would appreciate the questions to be around building a subscription business. But anything else is fine too!

Learn to run a subscription business

And ask me anything today